Do I need an appointment?

Yes, an appointment would be preferred to help us provide you with the best care possible as we would be able to prepare for your upcoming visit ahead of time. However, we know emergencies can happen and are ready to accommodate as needed.

Am I covered by insurance?

We strive to check eligibility prior to your visit to ensure you are covered by an insurance plan we accept, however, we can not make guarantees in the ever-evolving and changing field of health insurance.

Do I need insurance?

No, we offer cash prices for in-office consultations and procedures as well, please call us for further inquiries.

Do I need a medical history?

The more the better...the more relevant information you can provide us, the better we can serve you, please provide us with all relevant information from nature of discomfort, to your past medical history as well.

If you have recently changed shoes or inserts (orthotics) please bring them in for your visit as well.

What information should I bring?

Please provide all necessary information:

Copy of referral, or recent notes if sent from emergency
Insurance cards for us to scan
Valid ID
Medication list

How are surgeries scheduled?

First please note that unless warranted, at Lake Washington Foot and Ankle Clinic we strive to start with conservative measures before electing for surgery.

Surgeries are scheduled once authorization has been obtained through your insurance and depending on availability as well as your schedule.

Please take into account post-op healing when scheduling a surgery